This site is mostly about my boat, Idle Duck, its own history and the associated stories behind those involved with her; the designer, Maurice Griffiths, Scottish builder, and links to her East Coast Bawley origins.

Idle Duck is now in Swale Marina. I have only been able to take pics of her sailing from the deck.

Swapping wire running rigging for Dyneema allowed the use of smaller winches, de-chromed bronze.
Reverted to a pinrail for cleating. The trim tab is driven by a Simrad Tillerpilot. Sorry about the lack of varnish on the lovely teak tiller; it just does not like anything…
Mainsheet system is experimental, using Slippery Rings instead of blocks, double ended leading back to two speed winches, which gives very good control of the sheeting angle.
New bowsprit looks more elegant. The boom crutch drops forward on hinges either side of the hatch. Plotter swivels around from inside the bulkhead. She rapidly went to 6k with a reef in. Tuning still work in progress…

The sales leaflet from yacht broker David East shows how she looked in 1987, when Brian Kelly, the original owner, decided to sell Idle Duck. I found this tucked behind the stove with some other interesting documents. David East 1987

These are the first two pages from the visitors log showing Colin Grierson, Maurice Griffiths, James Miller and all the people who built her. Curiously Brian and Zelda Kelly did not sign the book until 1987 when they were selling her.

This site is also about my personal views on maritime matters, especially in Faversham, where Idle Duck and I spent the last 12 years, during which time I became involved with the Faversham Creek Trust and the Faversham Creek Navigation CIC.

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  1. Tony Powell says:

    I was the broker working for David East at the time of Idle Duck’s sale and spent a considerable time with Brian who I consider was a good friend – a real gentleman who had many a tale to tell. If I can help in any way please do not hesitate to contact me. Regards Tony Powell

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